The Ocilion IPTV solution is suitable for all different kinds of infrastructures and bandwidths in the distribution network. Every network - whether its xDSL, HFC or FTTx - can be served with the same system.


FTTx networks
With Ocilions solution, that runs on a FTTx network, the carrier has the chance to serve a lot of clients over a physical line with IPTV. Additionally this kind of network structure gives you the ideal base for the distribution of HDTV content.


xDSL networks
As DSL provider you know you have to plan your bandwiths with care. Ocilion offers a fully integrated H.264 (AVC) encoding software which allows to adjust the bandwith of the videofiles to the network conditions. ADSL2+ and VDSL technologies enable the carrier to serve several Set Top Boxes over just one line.


Cable networks (HFC)
With Ocilions solution for HFC networks, the CATV carrier is given the chance to provide their customer with interactive television. As far as cable networks are concerned, Ocilion uses so called hybrid-solutions. Live TV is supplied the traditional way (via cable). All the additional functions (timeshift, VoD, PVR,...) are received via IP.