The iptv500 HealthCare solution by Ocilion can take over the complete media management for you.
It contributes to the patients wellbeing during their stay but it also takes off some pressure of the IT department.

The combination of Infotainment and Entertainment runs on standard TVs, Smart TVs as well as on bedside terminals or mobile devices.

Our well thought out system simplifies the communication. By doing that it saves you time, that you can spend on your patients. Live up to the expectations and needs of your patients and employees.

Intuitive user interface

Our user interface has a modern look and is userfriendly. The straight tile design simplifies the orientation. Patients will easily find their way through.

The standard user interface can be adapted to your corporate design so it will fit in perfectly.

Live TV and radio

Experience live TV at it's best. Personalised channel lists, fast switching (in less than 0,6 seconds) - that's patient comfort today.

All pages of the teletext are system-resident. That way our teletext is ultra fast. Your patients won't have to wait for the pages to load.

Wanna know what's on today?

The EPG replaces the printed program guide. It informs you about the current, upcoming and already aired program. Other than teletext, it shows you the program of multiple channels at the same time.

Replay TV* - don't miss out on something

Recover without ruffle or excitement. Patients can focus on their treatment plan and watch their favorite show when they come back. With Replay TV you can go back to the past, at least when it comes to television. Pick something from up to 30 hours in the past and watch it now.

*not available in all countries, contact us for details

Video on Demand (VoD)

Our VoD service is the perfect way to provide your patients with premium content.

The VoD library can contain the latest Hollywood blockbusters of popular studios or even your own teaching or patient information videos.

CMS - Content Management System

Every TV can be a signage device. Show your patients what you've got.

It's the perfect method to promote your offers in public areas. With our damp wipeable remote control you can switch from TV to signage and back.

Digital Signage

Inform your patients about your establishment and other interesting things in it's surrounding area.

Maps, opening hours of the cafeteria, treatment schedule and other things can easily be presented on various screens.

Entertainment in waiting areas

iptv500 in combination with professional patient call-up systems can lead to more silence and peace in clinics and hospitals. Screens can be placed in the cafeteria.
Call-up system, TV and signage - that's what waiting should look like.

Live Camera

Of course there's always the possibility to install live cameras and present the content on different screens.

This might be a good idea for the hospital chapel or even in surgery for teaching matters.

Bring your own device - TV Actor App

TvActor - remote control in a new dimension

With our free app your TV follows, wherever you go. Watch Live TV on your mobile device, forward whatever you watch mobile to your Set Top Box and back and browse your VoD library.

With TV actor, you've got the power in your pocket.