Multi corporate enterprises, offices, governing authorities, as well as universities and schools share one major challenge: to spread Live TV signals and videos within the buildings network.

Receive and distribute TV signals with iptv500 Corporate by Ocilion. Provide interactive TV without any problems.

Get an overview of all current affairs. All the latest news from different channels are just one click away from your workplace.

Intuitive user interface

The straight tile design of our user interface is modern and smooth. That makes the orientation quite simple and the system easy to use.

The whole design can be adapted to your corporate design, so it will fit in just perfect.


Live TV and radio

Live TV at it's best: insanely fast switching and response times, personalised channel lists and high speed teletext.
With fast zapping you switch channels in less than 0,6 seconds. All teletext pages are system-resident and therefore available without long wait.

EPG - Know what's on TV

The EPG is the digital version of a program guide. It informs you about the current, already aired and upcoming program.

Replay TV* - Did you see that last night?

Everyone at the office is talking about some documentation that was on TV the night before and you missed it? With iptv500 you will never have to face that problem again. Already aired program is available up to 30 hours in the past. That's the beauty of Replay TV.

*not available in all countries, contact us for details

Whatever you want, whenever you want

With Video on Demand, you can pick numerous system-resident video files whenever you need them.

Every employee gets access to the teaching videos and safety instructions.

Digital Signage

With the Digital Signage Tool you can create static or active presentations and play them on various screens.

That way you can present information in public areas in a decent way.

TV in your pocket with the TV Actor App

Remote control with an emphasis on control - that's TvActor.

Enjoy Live TV or forward whatever you watch mobile to your Set Top Box and back.

Our TvActor app is the perfect conjunction of TV screen and mobile device.

Centralised system management

iptv500 Corporate is a centralised database system which allows professional system management. Your IT department will thank you for that.

What's displayed and where is up to you: Live TV, VoD or promotion.
A active directory integration for assignment of permissions is possible at any time.