All our customers have one thing in common: they all demand quality and design. But although they all claim for the same, they are still all unique. Even when it comes to their needs and requirements. To take that into account we came up with several options for our customers: 


Individual remote controls and user interfaces


Individualisation of remote controls

We draw even more attention to your brand!

Companies cultivate their Corporate Identity. That includes a form of corporate design which is supposed to be used for internal and external communication.

Individualisation of purchaised products in small numbers can be hard and expencive. That is also a problem as far as remote controls are concerned. Manufacturers often only take orders for individual prints if you order high numbers.

Ocilion is different. We provide our customers the opportunity to individualise our remote controls with teir corporate designl. That way, the remot control becomes an eyecatcher and draws attention to the brand. You get a CI-compliant look.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • handling by Ocilion
  • perferct result
  • high colour fidelity
  • wipe-proof and scratch-proof
  • graduation of prices
  • durability

For more information and price details, please get in contact with our sales team




Individualisation of the general user interface

What a screen - just like I wanted it!

Branding is important for every company. A companys public appearance costs a lot of time and money. That's why the corporate design is supposed to pervade all areas of communication.

Well, the TV screen is one of these communication areas. It's in fact media and you should not miss the chance to use it for your own interests.

Let your costomers explore your brand through your corporate design, shown on the screen. The general user interface can get an individual look, that suits your needs. 

When it comes to design, our system really leaves nothing to be desired.

You can create the design yourself or let our team do the job. Get some inspiration from the examples on the left.